12 Hours @ McGill

Hey everyone. As an annual tradition in McGill Cycling, the 12 Hours @ McGill will be held on Tuesday September 7th from 8am - 8pm!!! As usual, at the Y-Intersection at McGill.

It’s a great opportunity to show off how cool we are as a group and team of cyclists and even better, an awesome chance to inform the community of what we do!! If you can encourage people to come to our stand (which will definitely be proud to show off our colors and spirit)…it would be amazing!

Hope to see as many people there!

If anyone feels like volunteering, please contact me so that we can schedule something. Right now, it would be amazing to get people willing to lend us 1 or 2 trainers, others willing to stay at the stand and talk to people, and some willing to ride their bikes on the trainers (as this year’s campus regulations don’t allow cyclists biking on campus :frowning: ). I will be making a schedule including whoever wants to help and will be in touch.

Please PM me or send me an email at jrgiha@gmail.com

We hope to see as many cyclists as possible!!

Please wear as much McGill Cycling apparel as possible!

I’ll ride from 10-12ish?

cool… thanks!

I have 5 volunteers and 1 trainer so far… need some more pleaseeee! It’ll be worth it to inspire new students to join our flanks!

i have a fluid trainer you can use

I wasn’t there at the end, but there was a black umbrella with a curved handle that was lent to us when it was raining by Jason_L’s girlfriend, and she said to return it to him. Whoever has it should shout so we know its not lost.

Thanks. And also, what was the final name count?

She came by to pick it up.