16°C!--Monday Nov9--2pm ride--adv-int

I deleted my other post about hill intervals, thinking a more inclusive ride would be better for today. The forecast is just mindblowing, 16°.

I was thinking of either doing hills or going to the F1 to do sprints and/or fun intervals (works if we’re a >3person group).

Meet at the Gates at 2 if we choose F1
Meet at the bottom of the Houde at 2 if we choose Hills

It is an absolutely mind blowing forecast indeed. I am going to pass though. My bike is on my trainer already and spin class absolutely exhausted me yesterday. I think I would struggle making it up the Houde once a the moment.

I’ll be in a lab, but don’t forget when your done your intervals to come to plyometrics :shock:

Mat : sorry, but i have a last-minute impediment…

Adam : i can’t come tonight, because i still can’t do a single push-up or any significant physical exercise involving abs. Maybe wednesday