16mm Hex Key

Anyone got one of these giant beasties? I’m installing a rival crankset and I need to extract and remount it a few times to remove the play but I cannot find a 16mm for the extractor anywhere in this damn city apparently.

don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before…

neither have I, its bloody friggin huge. I had to order one from an auto-parts store. I’m going to carry it in my back pocket and wield it like a mace against aggressive car drivers. :lol:

I’ve never worked with Rival but they’re similar to the FSA self-extracting Mega Exo cranks, and you’re not meant to remove that 16mm cap. It’s epoxy-bonded into the crankarm over top of the 10mm crank bolt, and pulls the left crankarm off the spline as you loosen the crank bolt underneath. I messed up an FSA unit doing something similar to what you’re describing, and my advice to you would be hands off. If you want to get the crankarm seated as far as possible then you should install and remove it once like you planned, using the infinitely more findable 10mm hex key on the crank bolt, and then install it again.

A propos, repeated installation and removal will ruin the spline irreversibly, in my experience. I prefer the pinch-bolt style ones (like Shimano’s models or my FSA Energy,) but if you tread lightly it shouldn’t be a problem.

Mike, on the rival the extractor bolt isn’t bonded as far as i can tell, its supposed to be torqued up to spec at the factory and the whole assembly pre-greased.

However mine came a bit loose after the first extraction (or its possible it was in fact not up to torque in the first place) so now I need to torque that back up before I put the left crank arm back on. Normally you’d extract with an 8mm though assuming that extractor stayed in place.

The installation guide mentions you might have to re-torque that 16mm extractor and re-install the crank-arm several times before play is gone so I’m assuming they machine the splines with pretty tight tolerances and you have to “wear” them in so to speak.

I prefer the pinch bolt style as well, having to re-seat a few times and the amount of forcing on the 8mm I had to do to extract the crankarm was pretty scary.

If a 16mm is unavailable, park tools has a suggestion: “If a 16mm hex wrench is not available, substitute the head of a bolt that uses a 16mm head. Another option is a 5/8” head, common on 1/2" SAE threaded bolts."
Source: http://www.parktool.com/repair/readcalvinscorner.asp?id=153

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