2 Upcoming training workshops - attendance is mandatory

This coming Sunday (November 5th), following the spin workout, which will also be given by Patrick :slight_smile: , we will go across the hall to the varsity weight room for an intro to weight training workshop. This will be a great opportunity to (re)learn some of the basics, and to pick up some new exercises and tricks.

Jaime Livingston will be here the following Sunday.

ATTENDANCE AT THE TWO TRAINING WORKSHOPS IS MANDATORY. All athletes must attend, even if they have already done a team workout or race that week.

****The handout to accompany Patrick’s workshop can be found on the website under the ‘training’ heading. It is a small word document that can be downloaded. ****

what if we cannot attend the mini/crash/course because of work… (from 6:30am to around 2:30pm)


If you have to work, and you’ve tried, but can’t switch shifts with a co-worker, then that’s an acceptable reason. It is, however, your responsibility to get any handouts from the workshops, and to schedule a time to workout with a senior team member who did attend the workshop.

These workshops were announced a while ago, so excuses like having too much school work aren’t reasonable … it’s one hour each of the following two Sunday mornings. If you want to race on a varsity team, there are responsibilities that must be respected. These sessions are organized to provide you with training tools to improve your fitness. Even certified fitness professionals and coaches will learn from these workshops.

I will not be able to be there on Sunday Nov. 12th.

I am going back to Toronto that weekend for a family function. It has been months in planning, sorry.

If you absolutely cannot attend one of the workshops, please contact me directly (by pm or email) with an explanation, rather than posting here.

The handout to accompany Patrick’s workshop can be found on the website under the ‘training’ heading. It is a small word document that can be downloaded.

We’ll head over to Chez Cora for brunch afterwards, so bring some $ and your student card (free fruit cocktails for students).

(This part isn’t mandatory … but it will be fun)


at what time is the presentation/training session will end on sunday november 12th ? or maybe an approximation of that.

thank you

Jaime will start at 9am. Her session will be an hour, after which we will spin until 11am. After that, athletes are encouraged to go to the varsity weight room. I will be there to answer questions and help with exercises.

Ok thanks, i am planning a MTB ride, so i did not want it to be in conflict with anything else, so i’ll put the meeting time for that at 11:30am. Thanks and i should be there for this one on nov 12th.


This is a reminder that tomorrow is the 2nd/final part of our how-to-weight-train mini-series.

Building on Patrick’s basics of weight training last week, we have hired Jaime Livingston this week. An athletic therapist, Jaime is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Quebec Provincial Sailing team. We are honoured that she is working on a program for us. This will be the first in a series of sessions with Jaime, now and in the winter. It will start with introducing new concepts of how and why we train, and will work toward a cyclist-specific program.

You can read more about her at : http://www.highperformancesport.com/team.html

Her session will be from 9:00 to 10:00, and we will spin afterwards. This is a super opportunity asq well as an investment for the team and for each of us to better our riding, so your presence is required. If you have questions, please contact Mary.