#2 Weekend CANCELLED

We will be going SOUTH to St Bruno and St Hilaire meet at gates.

I’m actually a maybe only because of the Spice Girls reference.

I also agree with the 3 that you chose.

obviously the triathlete is A) not posh spice and B) ginger spice (sorry benblake)

Hey, I just like ginger spice cookies.

Bump this ride is awesome.

Who the F was Posh Spice also, it’s the weekend guys, why can’t you at least start at like… 10am…
How am I supposed to get drunk and talk about nonsense with my friends until 5am under these conditions?

just don’t eat 4lbs of sausage before coming and you’ll be fine

This is actually going to be an INTERMEDIATE RIDE OR I MIGHT DIE

also is everybody OK with stopping for pie?

Pie is AIGHT

Made this page special just for you guys :slight_smile:

lol john!

hahahahaha! 20mm of rain…

I was really wondering what was going on with the forum


I want to see that in writing AFTER tomorrow’s ride :slight_smile:

can you put that one in the background of all the KOMs? :slight_smile:

this ride = KOR