200 on 100 - The Fall of Ryan T Kelly

Also known as: How I feel when I go riding with some of the advanced guys.

A bit long, but entertaining.

Lol pretty much the story of my life at the end of last year to a T

i felt sick just watching that.


Looks something like this I would assume


It took them 10 hours? Ridiculous.

there’s a following for this ride, you can do a fully supported ride in the summer. It sounds totally rad, but would probably be tough as fudge.

Knowing Vermont it was pretty hilly too

Wow does anyone want to actually do this? I would chip in to pay someone to drive support.

Do this in like… 14 hours?

I was actually talking to my room mate, who lives about two thirds of the way down this route, and he offered to drive a follow car if I wanted to try this ride.

I was thinking the fall…

I would be down

Fall sounds good. Post GMSR.

Why? I mean why not?

I would do it if I was still there this fall :S
Though if it somehow came down to GMSR versus this, I would do the GMSR. Probably the best racing experience I’ve ever had.


just saying.

Im extremely tempted by this. Also, the organized “group” ride on the 23rd of june is my birthday weekend. What better way to celebrate than hour upon hour of taint torture?

If I’m in Montreal, I will be doing this.

Six gaps in may and this in june.

the more i think about this, the more I want to do it.

where’s chilly willy in this conversation? He better be going.