2007 Bromont Training Weekend, September 15-16th

Hey Guys,

We will be holding our annual training/teambuilding weekend at Bromont, at the Cycling Center, on the weekend of September 15-16. Price is TBA, but expect it to be about the same as last year ($75), but will include transportation, accomodation and food, plus, lots of giggly jokes and fun.

There will be more info at the team meeting. See you all in a few weeks.

Post here if you have any questions/comments about the weekend.


Will Martin be on hand with his baby oil to give everyone a rub-down when we get back from the rides? I heard he’s good.

we’re in the process of talking to his agent. He has alot of baby oil appointments these days.

But we would be honoured if he and his baby oil were able to attend, i know i would enjoy a good rub down.

All right guys, don’t get excited too much… lol :lol: (my agent told me not to make any comment so I’ll refrain from saying anything)

I’d love to come to Bromont, even if I’m not a McGill kid anymore… It’s so much fun!