2007 Giant TCR Advanced Team


My bike is for sale. It’s a 2007 TCR Advanced Team, with integrated seat post. This means that you can only cut it down to size. At the moment, it fits the inseam of someone my size, around 6’0. It can be cut to someone about 5’8 or 5’9 or 5’10. Below that, i think you’ll need a smaller frame, unless you have a longer upper body. Also, with a given post length, you have a game of about 3cm to play with.

It has Dura-Ace gruppo, except for the rear derailler, which was lost during an accident that also affected the chain-stay. However, i had this repaired : the carbon was rewoven and repainted to original colour. It is flawless. It was done by exorpainting.com (http://www.exorpeinture.com/siteen.html) who are the official painters of Kuota. According to them, it is supposed to be more rigid than before, but evidently, a difference isn’t to be noticed.

The frame has no scuffs, no knicks, no scratches.

Has Campy Neutron wheels.

It comes with Shimano SH-215 shoes, size 10.5 or 44-45 euro., and either a white Spec Toupe or a distinguished bright Yellow Fizik Arione saddle (the latter will add 0.5 - 1 cm in height!).

Chain is pretty recent.

Cassette has approx. 1000km

Pedals are Look A5.1 Seaco special ed., strangely, with U.S. flag motif.

All new cables and housing from September.

I’m asking $2800 firm. Retail $6000+



where’d ya pick up that POS, Walmart?

Canadian Tire

whats replacing it?

probably a Wilier Izoard. Maybe another Giant.

Isn’t the Izoard in some ways a step down from Advanced, even with 3 years of difference?

Jason, why you gotta be that way?

actually, you’re right Jason, because the Izoard is their “entry level racing bike”, whereas the TCR Advanced Team is the top of the Giant line. Moreover, the Izoard frame is heavier than the TCR. That being said, Wilier is like Cervélo or BMC : they don’t make bikes equipped with Tiagra, so even their cheapest bike is race worthy.

I just like the prospect of getting a new project under way and testing new bikes (i really hope to find a Force group at KMI; otherwise i have either a Chorus or Record in the works, but not the latest version, whose shifters are so F*&$IN£ ugly!)!

Depending on the deals i get on frames, i might also just go for another Advanced 2010, but not the integrated seat post, since they really messed up aesthetically on the 2009 and 2010 i think.

And if nothing works, i’ll keep my present bike.

this makes me cry a little inside. :cry:

The new advanced is sweet as hell - it would definitely be on my short list. Its somewhat design convergent with Cervelo too.

I need some groupsets too to finish my projects as well, campy record would be sooo sweet on my gios which is still sitting in the shipping box because I haven’t worked up the courage to cold set the rear drops yet.

You could always look at the new Colnago road bikes



i’d rather spend $3,000 on a bike, and keep the remaining $10,000 for other things, such as food, clothing and shelter.

fames ebay for around 2k.

…guys, that bike is holding itself up by SHEER FORCE OF AWESOME.