2008 Brockville road race

Hey everyone,

Just a note to let you know there is a pretty fun race I did in Brockville last year. It will be held on May10th and is a good way to show those Ontarians how bad they are.

Sr3 race is 96km and it is all pretty flat in the country with this one minuscule climb and a fun descent through what looks like a shanty town. I will likely be going as it is close to my home so will probably go back for the weekend but would love to see some friendly faces at the start line.

Sign up if you are interested and we can see about arranging transportation.


I would, but Grad ball!!


looks sick. 96 kms!

how are you getting there?

with you Vic!

but I dunno how yet. we will figure it out! or with somebody who owns a car, or again, with a rental car I am guessing. another possibility is a stolen car, but probabilities are very low.

You guys gotta come to this!

We raced a portion of the loop last night, and its got pretty decent roads. Its flat except for this tiny hill they call the “wall”, but believe me, its NOT a wall. Its a quick power climb (smaller than the crit at army).

Also, there is going to be a decent showing from the area’s teams.

Plus, I am going to be there… so that means you absolutely have to come!

Aww, I really want to come. Do you think that this is how my friend, who will be visiting Montreal from Edmonton, would like to spend her weekend here? I’d be a terrible friend, wouldn’t I?

no, you’d be an amazing friend, because you would be giving meaning and fullfillment to their life by enlightening them to the wonderful world of cycling, and the amazingness that it is in its sublime utopic existence… why WOULDNT they want to come?

I’m teaching my kids this week about persuasion and propaganda. Mike you’re amazing!!! :wink:

so, if we are actually planning to go down to this, we should really start thinking about the logistics… transport, accommodations, ect. the race starts pretty early (9am for girls at least) so we should probably be driving down friday night.
they have a list of hotels we can stay at friday night, and will we rent a car? also people need to commit to the race so we can start making plans!!

Vic (and others),

I don’t know if you are still planning on going b/c I know Marie-eve is not feeling so hot after her fight with the sidewalk. But I cannot know until later this week whether I can go or not.

IF I am going I am happy to have people stay at my parent’s place (about 20 minute drive from the race) on Friday night but unfortunately they are out of town until Saturday so if I don’t go then there will not be anyone there to let you guys into our house.

As for transportation unfortunately I cannot be of much help. If I go I will be accompanied by Rachel and my sister (who has a bunch of stuff to move) so there will not be room for other people/bikes in the car.

Let me know if you are going and I will make my decision mid week and let you know about staying. Otherwise accommodation in that area will be pretty cheap (it is in the middle of nowhere)

Unfortunately whether or not I go will be dictated by a few things that are out of my control so that is the best I can do for now.


Hey i might come as well. I talked to Daniel today and he told me it was a good race to start my year even tho i am far from being in good shape. So if i am able to take my mom’s CRV, i might be going this weekend.

Tom is right.
I don’t think my hip will be healed enough for racing by then.
I hope a bunch of you end up going and having lots of fun.


Sorry guys I don’t think I am going to go either. Firstly, my road bike has only one tire, and after destroying a borrowed tire, I don’t really want to ride it until I have a new one of my own. Also, I haven’t done jack on my thesis which is why I am supposedly in montreal this summer. And lastly, I went mountain biking up on Mont Royal today, which was spectacular.
Let me know when all you roadies want to be initiated…