2008 Motobecane Century Pro full carbon?


here is another bike, similarly priced, FULL CARBON.

but I definitely like the idea of buying a bike at a bike shop.

what do you think of this one?

similar price, but + shipping, taxes, maybe other tariffs and what not…
and from what i’ve heard, motobecane is not da shit, lol

plus campagnolo looks MUCH better than shimano, haha :wink:


A good place to look at reviews of bikes and bike parts in addition to talking to people is www.roadbikereview.com

They have multiple reviews of almost any imaginable component. Looks like a pretty good deal to me for a full carbon bike with ultegra. I think brand value is a bit overated personally…

yeah i already checked out roadbikereview for both bikes. they both have good ratings. but is there any DOWNSIDE to a full carbon frame? also, isn’t it kind of not fair for a newbie roadie to get a full carbon frame? don’t have to earn it? would the goodness of carbon be lost on me?

If you can afford carbon, go for it. Carbon’s amazing, light, strong, stiff etc. There are worries about buying carbon used off the internet though. For one, make sure the seller has a FULL guarantee that if ANYTHING is wrong with the frame when you receive it, they’ll give you a full refund. And, when you receive the frame, do a FULL visual inspection on it to make sure everything’s a-ok (as in, get one of us who knows carbon to look at it).

Aside from that, if there’s a good deal, go for it.

Yo Ben,

Ultegra is very nice, a luxury when your starting. If you can afford it (especially the new Ultegra 10 speed), go ahead you’ll be very happy. My dad and I own an Ultegra bike , the components are strong.

the downside to carbon is a worried mind when you get a scratch because of idiot French guys who don<t know how to ride pelotons.

did i mention there<s a $200 bounty on his head?

Coincidentally, if you happen to be an idiot who doesn’t know how to ride in a peloton, titanium is a wonderful choice.

i hope you<re looking forward to riding in our peloton in 45 minutes :lol:

Alu is great too! way cheaper, really stiff, superlight(Almost like any entry or medium level carbon) and you don’t feel as bad crashing! THe only material I’ve never tried is Titanium. For the pirce/performance/riding crits ratio, I would go with a mix: alu and carbon (either seatpost and fork, or the back of the bike to!). That’s just my opinion.

I dont recommend hybrid (al. - carbo) frames for anything other than going in a straight line… unless its made in a way like the System Six’s or the new Giant Alliance stuff is.

Hybrid frames (with the exception of the above) are notoriously squirley (I can attest to that). In a crit or climbing situation, when you put the power down, you’re gonna feel the rear end squirm out like there’s no tomorrow on a hydrid frame.

Either go full aluminum or full carbon, unless its an Alliance or a System Six…

I got my pops a Fuji Team LE that’s aluminum but with carbon forks and stays. He rides it pretty hard for an old fella, and loves it dearly. I wouldn’t make any universal generalizations about hybrids, but I’d go with Mike and say that you should maybe put it through some torture tests in the parking lot, (or wherever people you test-ride bikes in these godforsaken winters,) to make sure its ride quality is to your liking.

the hybrids are good for comfort, the absorb alot, but they arent good for serious competitive/racing bikes…