2010 McGill Cycle clothing website

I noticed that the new McGill kit is made by Safety Smartware in Medellin - Colombia, at least that is what is written on the tag. Check out their website:


so what is the latest on getting the new kit?.. can we still race with the old one? and are there any modifications that need to be done if this year one plans to race as part of C@M?


Basically, the modifications to the design were small, but very important for us being able to race during the summer.

Riders will be able to wear this year’s or last year’s jersey at ECCC.
However, officially, only this year’s jersey will be good for FQSC.

For bibs and all other pieces of clothing (caps, gloves, arm/leg warmers), you can usually wear what you want (with some exceptions for other teams’ gear), both in ECCC and FQSC.

***Also, Ben mentioned to me that for ECCC (this was in a newsletter we received), no pro team clothing should be worn, in the race or during warm-up. This means
a) you should not wear clothing from a proteam (e.g. Astana, Garmin, SpiderTech, JellyBelly if they still exist)
b) you should not wear clothing from your proteam (to the few individuals who may be concerned by that on the team e.g. Bikereg, Nativo, etc.)

so basically, im set for ECCC and to race for the summer, all i need to do is purchase a 2010 jersey?..since the order already arrived, when is the new order gonna happen?

(or are there any medium’s left that i can buy from u and how much are they?) oh, and this jersey size (M) is for the Juarez’s fit, i hope they’re similar!..