2010 Year of the Ugly Kits

I don’t know if it is only me, but I am incredibly shocked at the state of the new kits in professional cycling.Team Radioshack, which I am guessing, is trying to promote cycling to the masses has managed to design a really ugly kit, which until this morning would have been the ugliest ever. However those honours go to Footon-Servetto. They have developed the ugliest kit ever. I don’t know If I am the only one concerned, but it doesn’t help cyclings perspective to the layman.


May just Be me But I think they are getting uglier. last years ugliest kit was AG2R.

The radioshack kit is pretty tacky, and I gotta say, so are their bikes


And the Astana kit is weird with that red S but their SL3s are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Well, perhaps ugly kit makes the bikes look soooo much better. BTW, why is the ‘R’ on the Radioshack jersey off centre? Looks amateur.

The radio shack kit is as least not vomit inducing - the footon stuff makes me want to hurl, repeatedly.

Also, blinging out bikes with gold paint and fixtures should be banned.

Oh, and Astana now has a big red specialized S throwing off their kit:

Looks like both Milram and Saxo bank are dead teams too.

OK. So, which team[s] have the best looking kit?

I wouldn’t throw that Madone out of bed…

Quickstep and Sky for best kits

Sky for sexiest bikes