2011 McGill Cycling TRY-OUTS!

Hey everyone!

We’ll be having try-outs this Sunday Sept 18 at 9am. Meet at the Roddick Gates (Sherbrooke and McGill College). Bring a road or mountain bike along with:
-a helmet
-working brakes
-team fees if you haven’t done so thus far along with a piece of paper that has your name and the amount you paid on it ($40 for club fees, $90 for team fees).

We will be splitting into 3 groups for the road (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and 1 group for the mountain bikes.

Hope to see everyone there!

Mountain unless we get a lot of rain in the next few days.

I would love to come but I have to be home by 12h30. How long is the advanced group going to ride for ?

Do we need to be at the tryouts to be on the official team…? I didn’t make it to the meeting yesterday so I’m not sure if that was discussed. Or is it just a ride for anyone to come out to?

You don’t HAVE to come to the try-outs. But it’s stil a very good idea to go.
The purpose of the tryouts is really to know what level you are at within the team and to meet all the people you’re going to ride with all year.

I am interested in the ride tomorrow. However, I am not a member but I would like to see what the club/team is all about before I join. Is that alright?


I am definitely interested in attending the try-outs. How long is the beginners and/or intermediate riding for?

Blake… this is a perfect opportunity to come out and see what the team/club is all about!

Leanne… I’d imagine the Beginners are going to the F1 track for about 2 hours and the intermediates may be going about 80km for perhaps 3.5 hours (including a stop).

I hope to see you guys there although I’ll be riding the trails!

Shoot! I can’t make the try outs today OR next weekend’s race… but as of October I’ll be ready for (mtb) action. Promise.