2011 wool jerseys are here

I thought it was impossible, but the wool jerseys did reach Montreal.

They are 100% Merino Wool pull over Race Jerseys with “McGill Cycling” across the chest and 3 pockets in the back.

Everybody who prepaid $70 will need to pay the final $15 for the price change from when we had to change suppliers.

The price is $85 (at cost) for all sizes and we have plenty of extras in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

PM me to place an order, or to set up a time to pick them up if you cannot make the times I post.

I will post regular daytime and evening pickups over the next week.

First Pickup: July 19th 3:22 pm until 6pm in Otto Maass Chemistry Building Room 212A

My phone: 514-458-3685

Second Pickup: July 20th until 6pm.

Call my phone to make sure I’m in my office and not off doing something.

Could I pick mine up at the end of august? I am not in Montreal now

Yes. Everybody who ordered their Wool will be able to pick it up whenever they are back in Montreal.

PM me to set up a time to get your jersey anytime.

Just reminding everybody. There are no pickup times. Just PM me and we’ll get a time together. All times are good. I just need to know to be here.

Come pick up your orders, or buy one. We have plenty of extras.