2012 Army Spring Classic

We are currently looking for racers to drive down to the states and show the army how its done. These races are taking place on April 14th and 15th. There will be a TTT and a 7mile circuit race on the Saturday, and an ITT and a Crit on the Sunday. There is enough fun here for the whole family.

More info can be found at:

Please sign up if you are interested in attending. An email will be sent out Thursday morning asking you guys for your 100% confirmation by Sunday at 6pm.

How many riders does it take for a TTT?

Category A Team Time Trial squads may start 3 or 4 riders and are scored on the leading edge of their third finisher. Men’s and Women’s B, C, D, and Intro TTT squads may start 2 to 4 riders and are scored on the leading edge of their 2nd finisher. A rider can move up a category to join a squad but not down.

So the second rider to cross the line is the only one that counts?

The time of the second rider crossing the line will represent the time of the whole team, regardless of the times of the 3rd or 4th rider.
A TTT is not an individual event, so on the results boards you will appear as “McGill Cycling Team Men’s X” with the associated time of the second rider in your group who crossed the line.

This usually influences your strategy in a TTT, because you have to decide whether you want everyone to stick together until the end, or have weaker riders sacrifice themselves by taking a lot more pulls at first and then dropping back.

haha, sacrificing the lambs

Neal-Myself-Jason- Andrew. Lets rock D

TTT is about 12km, so roughly 3 laps around the F1 track.

We should get some practice in after you guys come back from Yale.

Ride the D-train.

Hmmm whats are plan boys? Super B train or are a few of us moving up to A?

I don’t think we’ll have enough (or even any?) A riders going to army, so we’d be far better off staying in B in my opinion. Right now I’m just seeing me, you, and Jocelyn though, right?. I remember a TTT from last year with that squad that was a serious disappointment. Hopefully we do better this year…

I am not 100% sure on Army yet. I have 2 exams and a paper due in the 3 days after the race, and quite a bit of work the week before as well, so my participation will depend on how much I can do in advance.
If I’m not going, you guys would be better off riding with A riders (if any decide to come). Otherwise, we’ll try not to have Eric pull 75% of the time like last time…

You’re all missing the point: comic sans

There’s strong, and then there’s Army strong.

Is this irony?

Hadn’t even realized. Unforgivable coming from the US Military Academy. Reminded me of this:

Email sent. If you haven’t received it please post PM me or something like that.

Word on the street is my thesis is due Monday… should probably work on that this weekend instead :frowning: Hope you guys have awesome races!! TIA (This is Army)

  1. All-nighter the next couple of days.
  2. Finish thesis
  3. Race Army

Can’t make it, too much work. I will go to Dartmouth instead.
You guys have fun, it’s (in my opinion) the best racing week-end in the ECCC…

Haha sure Jason… and do terribly at both things!!