2019-2020 Meet and Greet: Saturday 7th September 2019

Hello and Welcome!

We’d like to organise an introductory ride in order for old members to meet those who are new to the team!

We propose meeting at 9AM in front of Roddick Gates on Saturday, the 7th of September 2019. The ride will be around 50km, and we will probably do another ride after this one is over as it is a Saturday.

The aim of the ride, in addition to facilitating introductions, will also be to gauge where new athletes with respect to the team’s existing strengths. We will therefore attempt to segment the group into beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders. Take note, this does not affect your admissibility to the team, but is rather an aid to figure out the type of rides you should join in the future.

Please take a look here for the GPX route in case you have a garmin or head unit.

Please do sign up below to let us know whether you are coming:

  • Coming, and excited to join!
  • Sorry, not this time, but still interested in the team

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For those who cannot make it on Saturday (namely @balancerider @eloi.simon @samstourton), perhaps you could make it out on Friday Morning, at 6.30AM for the Le Club ride? Anyone else who can’t make it on Saturday is also more than welcome to join. I would love to have a chat with you about joining the team.

sounds good, will see you there!


I’ve got a small problem… I don’t have a bicycle at the moment. When I stopped by the desk at Orientation you guys said you could give me some advice but I wasn’t sure where to contact you. .

I’ve been looking at entry level Treks etc. but I don’t know whether it’s worth the purchase seeing as it’s going to be winter quite soon. Do you think there are any good deals going online? I don’t know what the 2nd hand websites are out here.

I’d really love to join.



Hi Sam,
I would definitely buy a bike now.
There is at least a month and a half of great bike rides ahead.
For new bikes, this is the best moment since just about all the bike shops have sales.
I can see that there are a few used bikes available right now.
I don’t know your frame size or your budget so I can’t make specific recommendations.

For used bikes, I would check Kijiji (http://www.kijiji.ca) and Facebook marketplace (https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/montreal).
For example, there is an Argon 18 for 1200$ or a Specialized Roubaix for 1000$ (not sure why the photos show 2 different bikes).

For new bikes, you can check our sponsor Cycle Neron.
There are several other good shops with sales on currently, like MEC or La Cordée.



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:stuck_out_tongue: how bad must the weather get before the ride gets cancelled? Right now the forecast has light rain (approx 1mm?) at 14C for Saturday morning.

Sounds doable to me, but if it gets cancelled I’d like to know before dressing up and heading out!

@Herman there’s only a 40% chance it will rain. We can take a look at the forecast once again on Friday, and figure out whether it’s still the case. We will definitely be timely about cancelling the ride if the weather looks bad, so don’t sweat it too much.

Dear Alexis,

Thank you for all of this. Just out of curiosity, as they’re a sponsor do they give the team a discount?


Hi Sam,

Yes, team members get 15% off.
I’ve never actually used the discount, so I don’t know the details.
The members of the executive team probably do, or you can ask at the store for the discount.
If you need any feedback on picking a bike, just create a new thread.



Weather’s looking great for 9AM! The ride is still very much on! See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity what’re we looking at in terms of pace?

Also if anyone’s looking for road bikes, I work at Bicyclette Rossi in Lachine. We offer season rentals as well (summer or CX) so if someone doesn’t have a bike right now I could check what we still have in terms of sizing.

Have to cancel last minute, won’t be there.