$25,000 for McGill Athletics!

Hey everyone,

Not sure how many people new about this, but there’s an adidas challenge where the Canadian school that has the most votes gets $25,000 for their Athletics Department. I know the economic situation of McGill Athletics is pretty rocky right now so if we can all vote (and win the challenge), that would be sick!

Adidas does the voting in rounds… the top x amount of teams advance.

This round ends November 28.

Here’s the link:


knew* not “new”

You can vote on as many email. addresses as you have as it is tallied by email and not Ip address and that includes your mcgill email address too.

we won’t see a penny of this…

  • 1 what drew said.

$25,000 is basically irrelevant anyway. McGill’s yearly operating deficit is around 10 million.

The 2010 arts frosh alone ran a $30,000 deficit…

oh and +1 to what Drew said.

Fair enough. But universities are in economic crisis all across North America right now. Last year, Queen’s dug themselves into a massive deficit building the Queen’s Centre and also restructured their entire Athletics department.

I’d still rather take even the prospect of getting money, whatever it may mean in the big picture, than the shitty situation right now.

I think the real genius of this is that for the relatively low cost of $25,000 (plus whatever that website costs) Adidas is getting well-targeted advertisement across the country.