I have all of the 2nd Jersey order in my Lab Otto Maass 221.

Check here for times that you can pay and pick them up.

Cash is exact. Checks are written to “McGill Cycling”

First Pickup:

Monday May 2nd. 3 - 4:45 pm.

Second Pickup:

Tuesday May 3rd 11am - 5:30 pm

Third Pickup:

Wednesday May 4th 11am - 5pm

I’ll add some night time pickups soon.

Fourth Pickup:

Friday May 6th 11am - 4pm


what is your beef with working stiffs?

I have commitments late all this week, but not this weekend and next week. The late pickups are coming I promise.

Hi, I ordered an XS women’s jersey. Did it come in? Also, I am only available to pick up during off-working hours. Let me know when is an appropriate time…

Yes your XS women’s is in. I’ll be running night pickups starting Monday, maybe this weekend. I’ll post all the times here.

5th Pickup: Monday May9 5pm - 9pm.

Door is locked at 7pm. Call my lab phone number to be let in after 7.


6th Pickup: Tuesday May10 5pm - 9pm

Same door issue.

Sorry Adam. Did not read this.

Its all good John. We now have so few people that I will contact everybody individually. I’ll get to that later today.