6:30am cyclocross practice fri sept.16th

Hey all, cross season is among us and there are many reasons to get excited about it. In this spirit, some fellow team members of Croix de fer are having a “beat the rush cross practice” tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Most are beginners so we will be going over basic mount/dismount drills as well as setting up an informal cross course. If you’re really into it, you could come ride cross bikes at 6:30 and then ride road bikes at 9am! We will be meeting up at the statue (Mont-Royal).

This will be reoccurring if there is enough interest.
Let’s get muddy.

6:30 is sooooo early. Might be there.

not this week, but I will be ready for it soon. I dont have my cross pedals on my bike yet

I’m picking up my cross bike TODAY. Perfect timing.

Oops. I thought this was saturday… Next time.