ABC Cycle

This is our sponsor which is located on Parc Ave, correct?

Yes, I am told the nearest cross street is Bernard.

Great shop, courteous staff and prompt service.

Excellent, so I just show up and say that I’m from MCT?

@ monika: don’t forget that you can get REALLY cheap helmets from the Rudy Project pro shop online

check the team only section of the forum for passwords and such


sorry, but where? I can’t find the password for Rudy project anywhere.

Hey Monika, in order to benefit from ABC you need to have given Tom some information which was collected last year. If you didn’t give him your name and bike info then ABC will not accept that you are on MCT.

Hey Danielle,

Thanks for that tip; you’re absolutely right the guy asked me for proof of membership and I looked at him blankly. He didn’t seem to know anything about the list though and neither did I.

Do I just e-mail Tom the info to get my name on this list?


Yep. Just email him (or PM him), and he’ll let you know what to do. However, this is a new season and fees must be paid in order to benefit this year.