Addidas Clothing

This is not an order post. Just a feeler for interest.

I want to get casual clothing for the team. Some t-shirts, pants, shorts etc, with

McGill Cycling

or some other catchy phrase on the back or thigh.

We get Addidas gear, or any gear by anything owned by Addidas at cost through athletics (making it about 15-25% less than in a store) I might put in this order before our race for selling, or giving to winners etc.

Just throwing ideas out there. Throw some back.


I’d be interested in a polo-style shirt (like the kind all the other teams seem to have).

If I have money when the order goes through then I’d be interested in some t-shirts

I’d be in if we also throw “Steak” on the back !

Many teams seem to have a team jacket (with all their sponsors) which they just wear around when not racing, Would this be part of the adidas deal? Also, track pants would be great for lounging on race day.

Id rock a mcgill cycling hoodie forsure


adidas track jacket, no phrase and no sponsors- pro teams have them because the sponsors pay for their shit.

IMHO, i think this is a great idea, but no silly catch phrase… just something classy and timeless, that no one’s going to forget in a few months. if we want to sell them to people, then no inside jokes please (also cause i have severe fomo and will feel sad if i don’t get said inside joke.)

but i’d be in for plain t-shirts, track jacket, pants, that sort of thing.

The impression I’m getting:

“McGill Cycling” nothing else,

Polos and T-Shirts, Warm Gear for race warmups and looking bad ass.

I’ll talk to Athletics and get it done.

Red with white letters. Nothing big and obnoxious.

Id be down for a jacket. mcgill cycling.

I would also like to buy a new hamstring so if you know where to get one please let me know.

More seriously, I agree with the above. Having “McGill Cycling” and nothing else is better. I’d be down for the same - jacket, t-shirt, etc.

Please go to cycletechnique and get a bike fit

I agree with Victoria… plain, simple, to the point. Nothing says badass more than “McGill Cycling” straight up.

I’d also like a Polo and hoodie. A warm-up jacket would be nice but I feel like that’s something that goes through Verge? It would be sweet to have a warm-up jacket in our jersey pattern (which I love btw… props to the designers!). Unless we’re talking about a standard spring sports jacket then Addidas is the way to go.