Advanced saturday oct 6th turkey ride

160KM Loop to Oka. Meet at gates 9am
You will need 2$ for the ferry.

On a related note. For strava users you have the chance to win the “I’m on a boat” Kom

One of my favourite montreal rides. I’ll try hard to make this one.

what time will we be back

I usually get back at 3:00pm. Looking at who signed up, we might get back at noon (joke). I said oka ride. I meant Oka + Rigaud. If you’ve never done it the climb at Rigaud is amazing + a super fun descent.

I work at 4, I might have to reconsider this ride since I like to take my sweet time taking off my kit

where do you head out from? Out to mac first and then to rigaud / over to oka (clockwise loop)? or ccw loop… or is it even a loop?

my point is: pick me up at mac??

gates -> laval -> oka -> rigaud -> mac -> home sweet home. If you take the ile bizard ferry we can meet at 2 montagnes.

Can we maybe do this route again sometime in this year? I can’t make this one.

I concur with Zach

i remember the oka+rigaud grenville ride being more around 240k. Or are we somehow cutting out that extra bit?.

not doing Grenville

the how do we cross river?

oka ferry

this is a pretty strong ride now…

David: if you haven’t all ready you need to replace your rear tire before this ride.

David is right. I’m going to try avoid killing any new members with the deceiving “intermediate” title.

Too bad I’m going home for Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, the MCT idea that because Advanced riders are going on a ride, it must be completed at a minimum of 35km/h in a tight single paceline until everyone has had their brains hammered out of them and are blown off the back.

Sure, I’m down.

No matter what we say we will do…IT NEVER HAPPENS