All is lost

An Aerospoke made it onto McGill’s homepage. Repent, sinners, the End is nigh!

you know i’ve got an aerospoke on my fixed gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

My saving grace is that I bought that setup before the hipsters raped single speeds for all they were worth.

See, you think that’s an aerospoke. It’s a snowspoke. Less resistance when you’re riding your fixie through a blizzard and drifted snow. All the polar couriers are using them these days.

hahaha very good one Prebil, very good!

& it was written in 07… bad.


“Hipsters in their present undead incarnation are essentially people who think of themselves as being cooler than America. But they are afflicted by that other ism sociologists made an industry of decrying in the 20th century: narcissism. The late prophet of our current moment, George W. S. Trow, posited that television had obliterated the context of American life. The only refuges remaining were TV, God and the self. Young people who live in cities notoriously shun God and television to cultivate themselves. Now, as the age of MySpace comes due for a backlash and the former teen idols of our crypto-ironic fascination start to show their age, the time has come for the hipsters in the garden of Union Pool to open their eyes, realize that they are surrounded by jackasses and milquetoasts, and stage their own dive-bar putsch.”

but to me, it remains just an interesting social phenomena to observe… hipster or not, culture of the self with internet has become fascinating. don’t you think?

personally, I’m happy grunge is coming back into style. Now I don’t have to change out of my lab clothes and I can look supremely cool with my torn up grease and solvent stained jeans and shirts.