All my remaining bike gear - $30

Here it is. Here’s what’s left.

Pile of tires
Several bidons
a pair of socks
2 tubes
Chamois Butt’r
Cannondale cowbell
MEC saddle scrotum
BB-6600 english thread

L McGill skinsuit
L biemme bibs
M Empire Strikes Back Jersey

$30 takes the lot

Chamois butt’r! Ill take it!


I can come get it tonight John. Are you still on prince arthur?

Hey dennis can I get the star wars jersey

I’ll take the saddle bag if Dennis is willing to give it to me, or i’ll (probably) pay for it. I just don’t want to go to a store and spend actual monies on it

Damn, miss checking the forum for two hours, and look at what goes on!

Dennis you can have everything but the butt’r and yeah still on Prince Arthur.

just gonna throw this out there, but Chamois butt’r isn’t something that normally gets passed around.


Just kidding I never double dip

Dennis send me a damn PM if you’re gonna come by tonight it’s six and I still haven’t heard from you

well i definitely double dip in my chamois butt’r, so if anyone is thinking of borrowing mine, just bear that in mind.

Thank you for the horrible mental images guys.