Alternative trip february

February, while normal people start getting crust on their arses from sitting around in class, on the couch, in the bus, wherever, we on the other hand get it from biking!

Indeed, in mid-February, a group of “guerrila cyclists” are leaving montreal with as destination Parliament Hill in Ottawa, sleeping in schools on the way. It should take no longer than 3 days. Of course, you come si tu veux simplement te “dégourdir” les jambes, or rather for the political significance of the act if you are so inclined, for there is of course a political motive behind it; the celebration of the anniversary of the now largely defunct Kyoto Protocol, in a sort of morbid pilgrimage and veneration of the aimlessly roaming beings in the fuming and burning netherworld–there must be lots of SUVs in hell (these are my words, not those of the organizers).

Actually, you’ll meet lots of open-minded people, it should be alot of fun.

If you want a foretaste of it, i.e. meet the crowd, the atmosphere, then come to the next Critical Mass 24 Nov. at 5:30 at Square Phillips (Corner ste-Cath/ Union)

Check out the site:

I’ll keep you updated

Action nationale vélos :
Du dimanche 11 au mercredi 14 février 2007
50$ (comprend les entraînements supervisés (WHICH WE EVIDENTLY DON’T NEED), l’hébergement, la nourriture et le retour à Montréal)

…I know, we come back in a bus…