American Gangster Sunday

Seeing the movie Sunday, 5:15, 6:05 or 8:30. Vote on it!

I’d be interested if it’s a Sunday. Oh, and I’d bring Chris.

i might also be interested on sunday, depending when, and if my mum is still here…

Im thinking Sunday afternoon/evening.

I have a seminar ill be at all weekend, and I dont know how long it will go into the evenings, so we’ll set it tentatively for Sunday afternoon/evening.

I’m in just keep me posted.

I was just listening to that Jay-Z song “Heart of the City.” I think it’s in the trailer, and it made me feel about as G as one can feel while doing economics. Economics, pff. When Mike Prebil does economics, it’s called “Hustle-nomics.”

So yeah, I seriously wanna see Denzel tear it up. I vote Sunday.

I would maybe show up too.


Ok, so its gonna be Sunday afternoon, either the 5:15, 6:05 or 8:30 show.

I cant go any earlier, as I will be in a war-affected children conference until early afternoon.

Vote on it!



Hey Mike, just to confirm, I’ve changed the poll from 6:15 to 6:05.

Would anyone seriously object to going to the 8:30 show???

you can all save $11.50 by seeing it at my place if you’re as cheapo as i am.

this is a ‘see it in the theatre’ type movie.

someone got hold of a DVD “for award consideration only”… :wink:

proud to destroy Hollywood, one small step at a time.

i have no objection to the later show. i just said 6 to go along with the crowd…
any time is good for me!

Where’s the show? Where’d we have to meet? I’d come for the 8:30 show, if I could make it there in time.

I have no objections

The theatre is the Paramount theatre down on St. Cath and Peel or whatever.

If we go to the 8:30 show, we should get there at 7:30 to get tickets and check for seats (it might be busy). We might not ALL be able to sit together, but if we get there early enough, it should be fine.


I am sorry guys,
something unexpected came up,
& I can’t go anymore

have fun!

Ok, so we’re meeting at 7:30 at the theatre.

We’ll get tickets, scout out the theatre (to see if it’s busy), get seats if needed and do whatever.

the unexpected is solved!
I can go watch the “badass bigger than the mafia gangsta” too