ANOTHER potluck?

Yes. ANOTHER potluck.
Because everyone loves potlucks. And because this is the last chance before we ECCCCC every weekend in April.

Date: Saturday March 28 or Sunday March 29, as determined by popular vote.
Time: 6pm-ish
Place: just west of McGill. See Team Only section for my address, or PM me.

P.S. It’s also a good opportunity to celebrate Allison’s birthday…and all other birthdays.

yes! we can celebrate mine in the same time!

Of course, Nick! …seeing as you were one of those poor children who has a summer birthday and could never bring cupcakes to school to share with everyone. Now is your chance.

It’s looking like the potluck will be on SUNDAY.

Feel free to post here what you’re bringing to eat, or else we’ll just leave it to chance. Hummus anyone?

vegetarian chili.

i call apple crisp!! yuuuummmmyyyyy

(sorry marie-eve. i will bring you a cookie instead. or maybe soloway has left over snack packs)

pate chinois

i probably won’t have time to make apple crisp. i am working today, until 6 and i will have to come directly from work. i will pick something up on the way!! most likely dessert food.

As always, roommates, chums, blondes, etc. are welcome.

However, bikes are not welcome (gasp!). Unfortunately, the doorman doesn’t like guests bringing bikes inside. Victoria has witnessed his wrath.

He may also not let you inside if you lock your bike to the pole right out front of the door… but if you’re up for a challenge/argument, you can certainly try it. :slight_smile:

i’m stuck doing a paper tonight. it’s just not happening… boooooo.

hey scott, i live soooooo close to the law school that you could probably fool yourself into believing that you’re doing schoolwork while you’re here… … perhaps that won’t really help get your paper written, but you do need to eat something sometime.