ANOTHER stolen bike alert

Looks like yesterday was a bad day for bikes…

Last night my bike was stolen (someone broke into my house while I was sleeping). It’s a jungle green 2009 Cannondale Touring 2- small frame. Keo Look pedals, a white Specialized Jett saddle, a Blackburn computer, and rear rack.
Please keep your eyes open for me (as well as for the Bianchi in the previous post). I bought the bike new about 4 months ago, this is a MAJOR bummer.


someone definitely likes small women’s frames. Allisson’s bike also got stolen!

Are you ok emotionally? :shock:

wait, allison’s bike? when? Which one? Where?

This does suck. I’ve been checking Ebay obsessively and will watch for yours too!

I also called a couple bike shops and told them to be on the lookout.

Condolences to all…

were all of these thefts in roughly the same area?

my bike was stolen from inside my house in the plateau, near duluth. probably unrelated to to the bike stolen off the rack outside UQAM, but not too far, so who knows…

Well, allison’s was stolen from the racks in front of the gym, so des pins and aylmer. That’s not too far apart.