Anybody riding Downhill here? Please come in

Hi,there~I am a newly admitted student here and I will bring a DH bike to Montreal. I heard there are lots of places for mountain biking, that’s the reason why I bought this bike.

I just ride it on hill once and I am just a beginner of DH riding. It is my sincere wish that I could find a “tutor” in McGill and lead me to high level. If you are willing to help me, please let me know. I will be arrive in Montreal on Aug.29. You can contact me at or just send me message on this website.

Looking forward to seeing your replies. Just call me Roger.

Maybe Ben Adler is interested? He’s the only DHer I know off the top of my head

Oh, thank you for your reply. I just want to get acquainted with some friends and to improve my skill. My skill is really poor. I can’t even fly my bike well. What kind are you playing?

I don’t do mountain biking because I can’t afford two bikes. I mostly do road biking and if you’re interested you should a) check the “Rides” section of the forums and b) come to Streetfest on Wednesday @ McTavish (I believe the afternoon) and say Hi!

Hey Roger, I sent you a message to your email.