Anyone interested in fund raising for Multiple Sclerosis

I am exploring the possibility of creating a team to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research. A team consists of a minimum of 4 riders who are each required to register and raise $275 (2-day package) or $160 (1-day package). The event would be in August. There is one location in Ontario and one in Quebec–haven’t chosen a route yet. To be clear, this is not a race event.

Please let me know if you or those you know are interested in participating.

I hope to join the group rides soon.

I like your forum name. I’d be in but I’m not in town.

I used to do it in Houston…I’d be interested in doing it here.
I think I will be in Montreal in Augst, but not sure. So maybe.

The ride is scheduled for August 28/29. The ride start is in Victoriaville which should be about 90 minutes drive East. The website doesn’t have a course overview. I will try to get more details.

Super! Potentially doubled in size in one day! I am working on rounding up at least two more riders. Will coordinate a logistical meeting once critical mass is reached. Need to think of a team name soon.