Argon 18 ride June 21st

La Cordée is organizing an Argon 18 demo ride on June 21 at the F1 circuit. Comme try one of their E-114 TT bikes or MatBR’s race machine. RSVP to Starts at 7pm.

How do you think that TT bike will handle over the chicanes and speed bumps?

bikes don`t kill people, people kill people.

seriously though, are there speed bumps on the track now?

Are you sure it doesn’t start at 5am?

I was at the track 2 days ago and it was clear

No speed bumps or cattle herders today either. They might very well go back in at some point though.

I was at the track last night and the barriers are up. One before the chicane, One before turn 8 and it looks like they are putting one at the start/finish also. They are only on the left hand side and the car lane is free, so everyone just merges into the car lane. And I mean EVERYONE, not just performance cyclists. It’s a nice little bottleneck when you’ve got rollerbladers, children, and fast moving pelotons all merging into a single lane of traffic. This should really help reduce the number of accidents.

Saw that yesterday too. I think the speedbumps are going back into the car lane though.