Athletics Gala April 2nd

The Athletic Awards Gala is fast approaching! In case you didn’t an email about this, here are the details. Ticket sales start tomorrow. Notice that the price goes up after March 27th. This is typically a pretty fun event, if you are planning on going please sign up so we can get a rough idea of how many people will be there.

The McGill Varsity Sports Council cordially invites you to attend the McGill Intercollegiate Sports Gala 32nd Anniversary honoring the athletes & teams of the 2008-09 season

Let’s Celebrate all Together!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

G. Donald Love Competition Hall

475 Pine Avenue West

Awards Ceremony starts at 19h00

Tickets will be on sales as of Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

$25.00 If purchased between Wednesday, March 11th and Friday, March 27th

Individual sales at Client Services (G20-C)

Team sales at the Intercollegiate Office when reserved by the coaches/executives.

$35.00 After March 27th until March 30th at 12h00 noon the latest, tickets only available from Geoffrey Phillips at the Intercollegiate Office

There will also be an after party hosted by the sailing/lacrosse teams at Crush (is this correct Vic?). Tickets are on sale NOW for 7$ from any sailing team/lacrosse team member and once those tickets run out, the rest of the tickets will be 10$. If you are planning on going to this and don’t know anyone on the sailing or lacrosse teams, you are in luck - Vic happens to know a lacrosse kid!

I know someone on the sailing team as well.

it looks like you can also email Scott on the lacrosse team ( if you want a ticket. I checked and the after party is at Krush (on St. Laurent, just North of Pine). It is only the forst 200 tickets that will be 7$.

I have a colleague on the sailing team, so I can also purchase tickets in advance.

haha, scott is the friend i was talking about. so if you guys want tickets, just tell me and i will get them from him, i see him most days at school.

that night is always a lot of fun!

Just wanted to make sure people know that you need to buy your own tickets - we are not buying them as a team this year as there have been problems in the past with the team picking up too many tickets because people say they will come then decide last minute they can’t, so it is easiest if everyone picks up their own. Hope to see you all there!

Where is the Gala being held? I’m assuming somewhere in the gym, but I want to be sure.

It is being held in gyms 3 and 4 (the ones you can see from Tomlinson hall). See you tonight!

I just wanted to say CONGRATS! to our MVPs - Vic and Mat BR (since i won’t be at the Gala to cheer you on :slight_smile:

Um, how do you get to gyms 3 and 4? Do you enter from Pins?

yes. you enter the main doors and go up the big staircase, and there will probably be signs from there. or you could just ask the security guard on duty