Athletics photoshoot

Another very exciting email from athletics.
Any volunteers? Standing outside the Arts building in the snow with your bike in spandex? Not sure exactly what they are envisioning.


I am setting up a series of photos representing all our teams for promotional purposes. There will be three photos in the series with each photo covering a wider spectrum of our varsity program ie: photo 1 will feature our level 1 teams, photo 2 our level 1&2 teams and photo 3 – all teams and clubs…

The photos will be taken this Friday December 11 at 09h30 in Tomlinson Hall. Can you please designate one player to attend the photo shoot (in the case of track and swimming please have one male and one female attend). The player should be dressed in full uniform and bring a ball/stick…or whatever (if any) implement is used in your sport.

Following the shoot (which should take about 90 minutes) I need to keep the level one teams for another photo/video shoot to promote our new mobile website. These athletes should be available from 09h30-13h00 and be prepared to travel to lower campus for some of the shots. They may need warm coats and boots depending on the weather…

Your participation is necessary to make this project work, so please confirm the attendance of your athlete as well as his/her name and cell phone number (just in case).


Jill Barker

Manager, Communications

Athletics and Recreation