Athletics referendum question

Hey guys,

There is a student referendum coming up on November 18th. On this referendum you will have the chance to vote for/against the renewal of the Athletics and Recreation Improvement fund. Pretty much, what happens is right now we pay 10$/semester that is lumped into our students fees. We are paying this fee because 5 years ago, the students voted for it. Every 5 years we get to decide if we want to continue paying this 10$/semester.
For every 1$ that is put forward by the students, 3$ is put forward by the university and donors. All this money will go towards extension of the fitness centre, the creation of team rooms for student groups/club teams and varsity teams, multi-purpose exercise rooms and men’s locker room renovations.
Please think about it and vote on the 18th! You will be able to vote online, and should be getting an email about it closer to the 18th.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Is this for undergrads only?

Good question. I will find out.

All McGill students can vote, so grad students can.