Beat the alleged record

How can you do a 42 km/h average on a 11.5 km in the middle of the traffic ? Aj and you would probably be good on that kind of race. It sounds crazy but it’s simply a challenging race.

I’m barely smart enough not to try this… Very tempting.

I do my 12km daily bike commute in 25 minutes. That means I commute 28.8 km/h. These guys are in another league.

I’m definitely in your league norm: 15ish km in about 30 min if the traffic is good at night (ie non existent).

I’d have trouble doing 42 km/h on a closed track for 12 km

Yeah I wonder how much of a tailwind/accurate chronometer/bonus seconds (see minutes) for chugging X number of beers this guy had…

i simply don’t believe it. St-Laurent is ascending from René Lévesques all the way past mont-royal avenue, and then there’s the cars, the lights, pedestrians. If the guy did 35 km/h through the toughest first part, it means he had to go almost 50 km/h the second… with again some lights

I do Saint Laurent from about Sherbrooke until Fleury several times a week both directions.

You’re dealing with heavy east-west traffic the whole way and there is IMO just no conceivable way you can burn every light at top speed unless its between say 2400-0200 and there isn’t much.

You’re also crossing the Met and its two service roads. Again, unless its in the twilight hours the traffic is simply too heavy and continuous to really burn through. You can easily loose minutes crossing this plus the other high traffic density roads.

Also, these guys are messengers and thus most probably ride fixies. I do this ride on mine all of the time. To be able to handle that albeit gentle climb at 35+ km/h there is no way you could have a cog ratio large enough to even get into the mid to high 40ies without a cadence of like 150 or worse

what if they had other fixie kids blocking off the major streets, and they did it in the middle of the night? I could see it then…

Prebil (who has done this race), we need your verdict