Beginner Ride Friday 6th 2:00 Gates

Aha! Sun!
Im going to do yesterday’s canceled ride, but with a couple ascents of Mont Pleasant avenue first to make it a little longer.

  • 2-3 ascents Mont Pleasant
  • ride to F1 track
  • 1 lap: timed, medium-easy pace.
  • 10 laps: attempting even or negative ‘splits’ each lap (riding consistently at the same pace as the first timed lap, or faster, never going slower than the earlier lap). We can decide there whether or not to stop after each lap, or do the ten laps without stopping.
  • 2 laps: sprinting the first, and an even or negative split directly after

Groovy! No more sore throat, so I wont be doing any canceling!

Hope to see ya,

Hi Yukon, I’d join for a ride on the weekend (Sunday?) if possible? Beginner ride would be good for me at the moment…

excellent. when’s good for you? Im free any time during the day. Let me know and one of us can post the ride(s). Lovely!