Beginner ride tomorrow morning?

Would anyone want to go on like a 2 hour ride tomorrow morning at 8 or 9? I dnt know my way around well enough and really want to ride

I’m up for it; what say we hit up a few Mont Royal climbs, then head to the F1? Im thinking 6am at the roddick gates? I have a class at 8:30, so it would have to be before or after. We could do the KOM route otherwise.

Yessss if you guys are riding super early tomorrow morning, I’m definitely in!

If you’re doing the KOM route, I’ll try to be at the bottom of Houde by 6:30am.

too bad i meant this morning

It’s best to specify the date I guess; I couldnt tell which it was. Oh well, what’s say we all head to plyo tomorrow night?? eh? eh? lol

Hmm I will probably still go to the track tomorrow morning… probs by 7 am, depending on if I ever get my work done tonight!