Benelux anyone? thursday, sept 16th

hello everybody,

so, as most of you know, the MCT’s choice of drinking hole is none other than good old benelux, the bar on the corner of sherbrooke/jeanne mance. they’re pretty nice to us, used to sponsor us, used to let us throw parties with free beer (is this sponsorship still happening?)… anyways. i propose the first MCT social event of the year, tomorrow night, thursday sept 16th, aroun 8pm, at benelux, we can all hang out/meet each other before school gets too stressful.

i hope i will see you all there! oh ya, its also my birthday, so if any of you care… you can show up and buy me beer. or, if youre still paying your tuition and find youre low on funds, i will also be accepting hugs. its also kammerlaan’s birthday, but she doesnt like beer so just give her a hug. or two.

ok, i hope to see you guys there!!


i dont like beer, but i like everything else …cuba libre is in fact my favorite :wink:

Yes! Impromptu Benelux!