Benelux Party Oct. 23rd

So to end the confusion, and to start the party planning, the first official cycling team party of the year is Thursday, October 23rd.

Bring your friends, bring your lovers, bring your friends’ lovers, even triathletes. Non-athletes are also encouraged. In fact, non-athletes probably would drink a lot more, so I’m sure benelux would love to have more of those. Please check your facebook and invite more friends to this party. This is an excellent chance for us to make money, and have a grand time doing it.

More information TBA. If you want to help me promote, please sign up above.

Pre-party at my house, starting around 7:30 or 8. Some snacks with be provided. Ticket presale is also happening.

hey so do we still have a party on october 16?

so no party this thursday?

and what does helping to promote entail?

no party this Thursday.

helping promote means getting tickets beforehand from me or Dave and selling them to your friends. and adding people to the facebook event. Which I will make today.

Facebook event is UP. Please find me on facebook and add me as a friend, or if you don’t want to be my facebook friend, at least RSVP to the facebook event. It is called, “Handcrafted Brews with McGill Cycling”

I know not all of you are my facebook friends yet, so I’m sorry you haven’t received an official invitation from me, but feel free to invite yourself and any friends you think you can hassle or harangue into coming.

Hey ben, do you need any help?

cant make it, midterm next day…sorry

Hey guys, a word about tickets:

Firstly, tickets are $5, which gets you:

  • A free 1/2 pint
  • Permission to socialize with other people at the party, who have already bought their tickets
  • The pride of having supported the MCT
  • A hug, if requested

The manager of Benelux wants us to pre-sell our own entry tickets, which will then be exchanged at Benelux for “free 1/2-pint” tickets. This is in order to minimize cash-flow in the bar, which I can understand.

To achieve this, I will be selling the tickets at Ben’s place immediately before the party. Once we get to the bar and I get the “free 1/2-pint” tickets, anyone with a ticket will exchange it with me and get their free 1/2-pint.

I realize that this makes little sense, but Benelux is being very good to us so we’re trying to meet their requests in return.

If you can’t make it to Ben’s house before the party then no worries - we can sell you a ticket at the party.

See you there!

Just wondering if the free hug is from you Dave, or from someone of our choosing on the team…

Don’t look at me. My hugs don’t come free.

ur hugs dont come free??

No one said the hugs are free…Dave clearly stated that they cost $5 and come with a free 1/2 pint of beer.

Thank you Hons.

The hugs are from whoever is willing to provide huggage at the time of ticket purchase. I will gladly provide my services.

A donation (on top of the $5) is encouraged for the hug. Hug intensity and endurance may correlate with the size of your donation.

Looks like I am going to be blowing stuff up in Quebec all week and missing this :frowning:

will hugs+beer+hanging out with MCT fellow+watching bike movies help me somehow feel better about my upcoming bio exam on next wednesday? :oops:

definitely only coming back friday - have a great time guys 'n gals.

oh. sorry for not volunteering to sell tickets. I’ll be working at you rfavorite shop guys. CGR. but Ill Ill be there after work!

looks like i too will have to come after work, around 930ish. and i expect LOTS of hugs when i get there.

I second that, hugs too please!