Ben's new job

Hey guys. This is kind of self-congratulatory, but I am just really really excited that I got a job at Specialized Canada! Starting Monday, I’ll be working in the shipping department, packing boxes full of gloves, putting bikes in tractor trailers, and taping things shut. Oh yeah.

Way to be. Does that mean we will get to keep our experienced coach for a while longer?

does this mean coach adler is getting us all gifts?

lol I smell some miss shipped bikes to mcgill cyclist address


Grats on the job!

before you know it, you’ll be giving Cancellara a bike-fitting.

just remember to give me free stuff when you work your way up into management. :wink:

what happened to that job at Powerwatts that i bent over backwards hooking you up with

haha I’m doing that too! I’m not gonna drop powerwatts! Love those guys. It’s only a few hours a week so I should be able to fit them in

That’s great I’m glad you got a full time job there. maybe now you could get me discounts from Spec.

there seems to be a common theme to peoples posts: JEALOUSY and GREED!

Goo job Ben!!
I am also jealous that within a month you’ll know every 80’s rock song ever produced by heart :slight_smile:

Make us proud, Ben.
Make us proud.