Best/Cheapest US Bike Accessories Website

Hey guys,

Could you guys suggest some places where i can find the best deals?

My dad is gonna be in the US for 2 weeks and I was thinking it would be a good opportunity for me to order new tires and say… a new chain ring. Tires are expensive here… or at least they seemed to be marked up a whole lot.

Thank in advance for suggestions


the tires are usually about 40% off of retail or better

You should check around between PBK, Wiggle, performance. The laws of retail dictate that no one place is going to have the best price on everything you want to buy.

Wiggle has free shipping to Canada though, so that makes a difference and they seem to have a much bigger selection of slightly more esoteric odds and ends.

REI might be cool whether you are a member or not. Hudson Trail is a similar outfitter.

Excel sports in Boulder has very good mail order and tire selection and probably a better source for chain rings. Dunno 'bout shipping here though. Their print catalog is good for drooling about bikes.

Chain rings might be harder to track down, I worked in a bike shop long ago and they were not a common stock item. We mostly had odds and ends lying around. Sometimes one can be lucky.

Wiggle sells chainrings, actually many online retailers do now.

I personally have used for years and years, and if you find a cheaper price somewhere else then they will match it. Comes from california, so it usually takes 7 to 9 days to get to my house in VT. seems to have some ok deals as well and free shipping on orders $75+