Bike Rack


Does anyone have a bike rack that I could use for next weekend (Fri, Sept 11 - Sun Sept 13)? I would be ever so grateful! I’m going to Gatineau for school, and I’m trying to work out some way to bring my road bike along with me…

All the best,

You’re going to Gatineau for school? Wha?

If Jason_L says yes, you can borrow his rack which is currently at my place. Then you could return the rack to him directly. What say you, Jason?

go for it Caitlin.

Awesome! I have two questions:

  1. how many bikes does it fit?
  2. when/where can I pick it up? (I’m scheduled to leave on Friday at noon)

Two bikes, I think Pete has it at his place.


When and where can I pick this bike rack up? I need to leave Friday afternoon…

Holy crap, sorry for dropping the ball!!

It’s at my place in NDG. Could you come by and pick it up this evening?
My cell is 514-238-2277, let me know what is up. I’m going to Ontario tomorrow, so we need to arrange something tonight.