Bike shop for very average bikes

Hey gang,
Sorry if this is topic is posted somewhere else in the forum already, but can anyone recommend a bike shop in Montreal that would fix up my very old, very sad road bike? I’m just going to use it for commuting, so I’m not specifically looking for a super pro kind of shop (this bike is too heavy for them anyway). Preferably wallet-friendly. Thanks y’all.

How about The Bike Tent?

Every weekend in Verdun. Maybe even special pick up and delivery service available for mcgill cycling team members.

good point ben!

Come to think, my commuter could use a good tune up.

come on by, pete. McGill Cyclists will receive special pricing and extra special service, on the condition that they spread the good word about The Bike Tent to there friends.

PS The Bike Tent is open tomorrow, even though it’s Patriots Day. I hope I don’t get arrested by the french police for writing that in English.

At least you didn’t call it Victoria Day.
I’ll be stopping by at some point this summer!