Boyd 50mm

Selling NEW boyd 50mm tubular wheels.

Although I really want to ride these bad boy(d)s, I need money more. Also, I’m not planning on racing much this summer, and have time to gain a little more cashflow. They are shimano/sram compatible.

Looking for $615 (I bought them from danby for $600, but had to go to money mart to cash some checks to buy them) Also, if interested, buy in the next couple days before I change my mind and decide I can live off ramen noodles.

These are worth 900$ from the manufacturer and they are awesome. I raced cross on them this fall and they are solid. This is a definite cheap investment towards performance.

If I had the money I would:(

Are these still for sale? Send me a PM, I will buy immediately. We had a mishap on the drive back and I am now short a wheel…

uh oh. what sort of a mishap? And btw, eric I don’t think you should buy these. Then none of us will ever have a chance of keeping up with you.

A brand new front wheel flew off the roof of our car on the freeway. No injuries/catastrophes but we couldn’t recover the wheel. Looking at my competition this weekend convinced me that a set of race wheels wouldn’t be a bad idea, anyhow.

You know what I’m going to say, Eric…

Yes Eric! (Sorry to hear about your front wheel)

But seriously, buy these!

hey eric, if you need a front (training) wheel I could sell you a shimano R500 I have
Send me a text for more details

whoever pays first has the boyds.