Brisson # 5

Just a heads up - don’t think I am going to make this one.

Good luck with getting there, winning, etc.

I will be going out again

Im going to try and get there on time for the SR1/2 race. Had my day( s ) in the sun and im leaving my SR3 days behind. Sniff… Sniff…

Rides home should be possible. 3 people & 3 bikes max.

I would much appreciate a ride home

Me be there.

I’ll give it a shot

I’m in this week.

i’ll be riding out with you guys this week- where and when do we meet?

Last time Brandon and me rode there, we left the gates at 4pm and got there an hour early. 4:30?

I gots room for two more in my car (brandon youre in). Though, be advised, im possibilty going to that restaurant thing afterwards because i plan on crushing souls during the third-lap sprint. Well, you know, trying to crush at least some souls that is… in anycase, those that do get crushed will be really smushy afterwards.

Can Vic and me fill these two spots left in your car Scott “soulcrusher” Loong?

Chillywilly is driving…
I’m not sure if Stephen is coming this week, but if so, I think Chillywilly has room in his car for one more.

At that, we are full for rides back.

Everyone riding out, see you at 4:30 at the gates