Brockville Sat May 12th

It is a 2 hours drive to get there and teh race starts at 11am - Anybody is planning on going?

details and website

I’m not sure yet, but I might just rent a car and go.


I’m thinking that sounds like a good idea myself

oh SNAP.

I will be in Kingston this weekend…very close.

Maybe I will try and get there

do you guys know if we need to pre-register?

and what about liscensing for ontario races? is the FQSC UCI one good?

I emailed the organizer you can register the day of between 9:00am and 10:30am. Your FQSC license is fine.

give me a call (or email with your phone number) if you are interested, I rented a car and will be leaving early on saturday.



So I think I will try and go. But I am going back to Kingston today to see my family so I dont want to break plans up too much. My decision will be a last minute one but you and Peter can let me know by email ( or by phone (613) 542-4825 if you are comming in which case hopefully I will see you guys there!

If I don’t go, I hope you have a good race. That area is super nice so it should be a good course and the weather for Saturday looks perfect: sunny and not too hot.