Bromont July 9 or 10?


Anyone interested in heading up to Bromont for some downhill mtn biking Saturday or Sunday (or cross country)? Unfortunately I don’t have a car… My backup plan is to sign up for the bike bus to Bromont from the Martin Swiss bike shop in Westmount if you would like to join me…
In any case it would be great to meet some fellow riders for day trips or loops around Mont Royal.


hey sarah, I’m going mountain biking at Le Massif for a Raid this weekend, both saturday and sunday. I’d love to share gas with someone; I could drop you off at Mt. Sainte Anne for DH, or you could ride around Le Massif. Check your personal messages for my number

Hi Sarah,

I’m dying to get out of the city for some riding this weekend and I haven’t found anyone to go down to highland with (my initial plan for this weekend), so it’s lookin’ like some Bromont for me (and I’ve got a rather spacious car) - so no need to take the martin’s bus (do you mean the dirt camp bus?)

let me know if you’re still looking for someone to ride some dh with

… should have specified I’ll probably end up going both days

… AND, should have mentioned I’m pretty easy with times… bromes is open until 6:30 these days

Hey guys,

I’d be interested in going to Bromont tomorrow if either of you are still going. Let me know!

Was there today and got a little bit beat up - so I’ll be passing on tomorrow. Trails are nice and dry though! have a good time if you make it down there.

I couldn’t this week-end, but I’m also in for xc. I don’t have a car either.

hey everyone, I’m still going to make it to bromont or highland at some point this season, but I’m also racing XC almost every weekend somewhere deep in quebec. This week the car’s all full, but if anyone is interested in the future let me know.

Doh, forgot to check here in a while… I’ll be back in BC for a few weeks now but definitely up for riding end of August (weekend of 27/28), September and until the hills close.

post back when you’re in town and I’m sure we could organize a trip to the mountains