Bromont Quebec Cup Race May 20th-21st

I just realized there is a XC and downhill race, part of the Quebec Cup/ Canada Cup series, and I really want to go. I know this is the weekend I said we would go to vermont, but is anyone else interested in actually racing? (we are the McGill Cycling TEAM after all)
I know, the roadies have been racing for a couple months now.
Do any of you mtbikers have some races on your schedual? because I would love to race a lot more this summer. let me know


Here is a huge list of races happening in a lot of places:

Hey Ben!

Id like to break my neck in mtb races this summer with you (maybe starting in june, if you find any races interesting…). I’ll just need your german panzer! so well ride for sure. Just write me an email! I finished my stage today!

Dan la manne

well, you are welcome to borrow my P2 for a race. Do you want to race @ Mt. Tremblant next weekend and give me a ride? :smiley:
I warn you, however, it is not a fun bike to race on. Maybe we could rustle up another one for.
let me know if you are interested