Here’s important information on the Bromont Training Weekend, 16-17 September at the National Training Center in Bromont, Quebec. Please read in detail.

  1. Who’s coming?
    I may have left off people who have told me at various times that they want to come. If you are are coming, it is your responsibility to make sure you are on the list. If you are not on the list, please e-mail me right away. If you are on the list and have not paid 75$, please e-mail or call me (leave message at 514 483 0955) to arrange to do so or your place will be given to someone else.

Peter Thornhill
Dan R
Dan L

Nadine Chalmers
Lynne Wolfson + Mike
Lynn C-W
Peter Newhook
Jaimie Teeple
Mireille Prévost

How many are doing Esprit tri and want to come afterwards? Please e-mail me.

  1. Where and when?
    We will meet at the McGill Roddick Gates at 8 a.m. We are currently working out who and what fit in which cars, and how many we have to rent. If you are able and willing to drive (your own or a rental car), please make sure we know.

  2. What should I expect?
    Saturday upon arrival and providing the weather’s good, we will train with National Center coaches on the Velodrome (the track from the Atlanta Olympics!) and do a team-building BMX clinic (a highlight from 2 years back). Sunday will be road and MTB/downhill (Downhillers - your lifts if you buy them are not included in the price).

  3. What should I bring?

  • Your bike, helmet, shoes*, tools, everything you need to ride including water bottles and bars/nutrition of choice
  •   Sponges/blankets/foam/bungees for packing bikes -- you want to protect it!
  • Clothes for warm and cold / dry and wet weather
  • A towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • Whatever else you have and think would be fun and not take up too much room in the cars
  • Please note that you must have clip-in shoes and pedals in order to ride on the velodrome – otherwise you will fall off.
  •    Check back here often as I will post updates on what to bring
  1. What is provided?
  • Bedding (blankets, sheets, pillows)
  • Food is provided (it’s received rave reviews in past years – so no worries!). Please inform Clarisse of any food ALLERGIES or vegie/vegan tendencies (last year it was about 1/2 of us!).

That’s it for now. Please check back here often and make sure your teammates are up-to-date too.

Ride on!


This is the final list – unless you are missing because I have made a mistake. In that case it’s your responsibility to let me know now! (514 483 0955)

This is also the time to inform me of any allergies or other dietary restrictions

David P
Mike Acton
Peter Thornhill
Dan R
Dan L
Lynne Wolfson & Mike
Lynn C-W
Jamie Teeple
Tom Skinner
Alyssa M

Danielle Fraser (after Esprit)
Catherine Hogan (after Esprit)
Jessica (after Esprit)

Also a little Bromont program update:
For those who like to know what’s going on, we will be doing the BMX clinics on Saturday when we arrive, and the velodrome Sunday so that the triathletes can join us too.

two things, firstly, I have a small portable grill if you are interested in having a bbq.

second: having two half days sorta makes things awkward for downhillers (uuuh, me - i’m selfish i guess) since there are no half day passes. i dont mind missing it, or maybe i wont downhill and just xc

oh and third: does anyone have a spare spot for bike + person on sunday? I have a fellow downhiller who is interested in joining me if i go.


Sorry about the split – that’s all the Centre could do.

There is a guy who wants to come up just for Sunday with his own car. The coordinates will follow by e-mail.


pictures! pictures! pictures! :smiley:

Just a quick thanks to everyone for a great weekend! I am really happy that it went off weather-good, injury-free, not-too-bad-traffic, etc. I was really tired this morning - hope the rest of you made it to class and did your readings last night :wink: .

Marc - pictures are coming (at least from me) tonight or tomorrow morning!

Missing: I am missing a denim bag - it had food in it. I would like to keep some of the food for future team events (like the coffee), sauce, apples (? ) and really want the bag itself. Whose car did it stay in?

Thanks everyone,

Oh yeah, totally forgot! I have your denim bag and a serious load of apples. I can drop them off at some point or I’m not sure how you want to arrange that. just let me know

Also, for all those uploading pictures, i have created a new album, so go ahead and upload your photos to Races 2006 -> Bromont Training Weekend 2006

More on pictures: My Dad burned a whole bunch of CDs from the weekend for whoever would like one. On Wednesday (27th) I will put them in the Cycling Team mailbox outside the Intercollegiate Office at the gym and you can help yourselves. Some are already in the Gallery, but there are also lots of individual shots.
Ride on/thanks Dad,