BUY Rollers

So I would like to buy rollers for this winter. Online I can’t seem to get an accurate measure of how much I should spend. Questions:

How much did you pay for your rollers?
Where should I get a set?
Does anyone on the team want to sell me one?


Depends how much you want to pay but I hear:

have very good roller setups that can be upgraded, there are lots of review’s for them around the web.

they’re also crazy expensive

Indeed they are expensive…

Other then that all I can do is suggest a DIY project, we have a lot of brilliant minds on this forum, maybe someone could help you out with that can of project and make something like this:

adam, you should just save your money and get a mountain bike. You can always just find a friend who has rollers.

I have a resistance trainer sitting in my basement if you want to use that instead… best part is that its free :smiley:

I bought some regular tacx ones a couple years ago that were less than 200. They don’t have any fancy resistance adjustment or anything, but if you are doing mostly base in the winter they are perfect. They are very quiet too, which is always nice.

Thanks for the offer Kevin, but I think I would more than overstay my welcome by a few orders of magnitude.

I will look into what you mentioned Ben B, If I need anything more than base miles I’ll go to the gym for free.

And Ben Adler, If I buy one, will you pay for my breaking it? I’m not in the market for a fix’erupper.


are you sure you want rollers? I got rollers for one winter, and sold them as fast as i could… to Marie-Ève… who sold em as fast as she could… to Soloway.

Anyway, the problem with rollers is that even spinning your legs quickly with a 53-12 ratio doesn’t give you that much resistance, hence no workout. You also can’t get distracted, or you’ll fall and break a collarbone or your living-room porcelain.

You’d much better get a TACX trainer in my opinion. I got one with 8 magnetic resistance settings. I can barely turn the heaviest setting in 53-12.

At ABC for around $170 if i remember. If you want, i can even buy it with you sometime, since i get 20% rebate there for a reason i won’t explain on internet :slight_smile:

Thanks Nic, I’ll talk to you about it at Benelux.

marie eve did not sell them to me, i just happened to borrow them for about 9 months and enjoyed all of my time on them.

by use I meant take home and ride it at your own home.

just thought I would clearify it a little. I would have been using them this winter though I have my sights set more on swimming then sitting on a bike spinning away with so many things to distract me.

If you go with a Tacx Trainer or any type, make sure you use a trainer tyre such as Continental or Tacx sells. They are quieter, wear well, have less heat build up and there is no point in chewing up a good road tyre.

Kevin, may I still take you up on your offer of the trainer? I thought I had a seller but they changed their mind. I’ll rent it from you, 20$ for the winter?

adam, you should come to powerwatts and use the rollers there! SOOO nice

sorry I wasnt online in a long time.

Its a deal, you can take it for the winter PM with your adress and I will drop it off or we can arrange a place to meet etc…